Cliche Inaugural Post

“Welcome to my blog.

I plan to post on this every day.  I don’t care if I have readers or not.  I’ve tried to blog in the past, and never kept up with it, but this time will be different. “

Just kidding.

Although I have blogged in the past, and I’m not that concerned about readership, I don’t plan to post on this every day.  I also don’t have a rigid purpose for blogging (I know, bad idea, but I’m gonna go with it).

I’m simply attempting to better chronicle the moments of tension I live with as I explore what it means to live life while following Christ.  Or…. what it means to follow Christ as things get messy.  One of the reasons I am doing this on a blog instead of in my Moleskine is to get feedback.  To dialog.  To be open to asking questions and learning about how others have struggled through these same points of tension.

With that said, I invite any one that has stumbled upon this place to join me in this conversation.


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