Hello.  My name is Andrew.  I have been a follower of Christ for most of my life, but over the last several years have really been exploring what it means to fully live for Him and His Kingdom.

In my life, there are definite times that I struggle with God. There are times that I wrestle with His truth and the world in which I find myself.  There are times when I’m frustrated that I’m having to live in uncertainty.  I get anxious and restless.  There are also times of rest and pure joy as I throw myself down at His feet admitting that I don’t have all the answers.  There are times of utter contentment as I recognize the good gifts He has provided to me.

In this blog, I hope to capture these moments, as a wandering soul eternally tethered to my Creator, my Abba, my Savior.  No matter how confused or tired or frustrated I may get with some of life’s circumstances, I can never escape the redemption of His love and the rest that He provides.

I look forward to connecting with anyone who has found their way to this blog.

Twitter: @andrewjasdell

Instagram: @andrewasdell

Facebook: facebook.com/andrewasdell

Grace and Peace.

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